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tv   11 News at Noon  NBC  January 28, 2010 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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these rates are competitive and could be worth a look. now that's the kind of help i like. call now for your free information about aarp... medicare supplement insurance plans, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> good afternoon, everyone fifth roof of these few l.f. for the jeff. police shoot an alleged stalker and the memorial hospital for brief jennifer from tsa has the details fifth >> we were looking of the window and 15 minutes later we heard a big boom for reform -- residents heard gunfire f police found a suspect fail-safe
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philosophe and a suspect 50 enough >> just after 8:00, police said the suspect life, wanted on two florence. >> we located him here at union memorial hospital where he was talking to a patient fifth inf old wharf and if approached him, tried to arrest him, off and he became assistant. the suspect did not go down, they shot him in the line, off and then they have to take him down >> no one else was hurt in the into the fifth -- >> no word on whether the patient is the same person that the suspect list type killed and another person has died after a pickup truck hit a crowd of people in a market.
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she had been hospitalized after the january crash. another man of virginia died at the scene. a former gym teacher has pleaded guilty to sexually abusing a minor. he admitted to sexual solicitation of a minor and three counts of sexual offense. he will serve eight years in a 40-year prison sentence, and be on probation, and register as a sex offender. police are looking for a man involved in a string of smash and grab robberies. police say he targeted four businesses since january 18. he first smashes the glass in front of the window in the store, and in two cases, he
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stole cigarettes. the most recent burglary was on january 20. a $165 million deficit. incoming mayor stephanie rawlings blake is leaving no stone unturned. they will be reviewing special bid to several aspects of the budget, including programs that have significant funding, including the use of city vehicles. mayor sheila dixon currently has three vehicles allocated for her years. that will change when black takes office. >> it is important for me to get around. other than that, i do not have a vehicle sitting around at my disposal. my husband and i share a vehicle -- he might mind -- but i do not mind. >> last night in the state of
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the union address, president obama announced $8 billion to build high-speed rail. it is a project that will bring employment opportunities. >> president obama is announcing a billion dollars in stimulus funds to build high-speed rail systems like this. >> there are projects like that all across the country. >> including in tampa, where the president is picking that job today. 7 million have been laid off in the past two years. vice-president biden told "the today show" that it will take time to get them all back to work. >> one thing he did talk about is the significant investment we are making, tax credits, loans to small businesses. >> in his speech, the president said it is up to congress to approve a jobs plan. >> people are hurting, and they need our help.
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i need a jobs bill on my desk without delay. >> today, republicans insist his agenda kills jobs. >> we are going to look for common ground but we are not going to roll over on our principles, we are not going to vote for things we believe will hurt our country. >> americans looking for help, democrats and republicans on when to compromise, and the president one year on the job taking the heat for a faltering economy. >> funeral services are in place for mac mathias. the three-term republican senator died from but complications from parkinson's disease. >> grace guys out there as a cold front is on the move.
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by tonight, we will be feeling and arctic chill that will be hanging around for the next several days, including the weekend right now, it is not that. 44 downtown, 43 at bwi. once this front clears, temperatures will start to drop. in the overnight hours, they will fall even further. >> slumber a student volunteers will learn the meaning of the phrase to cool for school when they take part in the polar bear plunge. like saturday, the cool school plunge will benefit the special olympics. >> this will introduce two kids at an early age that part of being a good person is giving back to others. >> it means a lot because we can support the people that we go to school with.
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everyone jumped up to the offer. >> our own education reporter will take part in the plunge. 98 rock also spent the morning puddling pastries at a local dunkin donuts, raising $3,000 for the special olympics. on tuesday, her counterpart volunteered at another location. together, they brought in more than $7,000. if you would like to sponsor tim's plunge tomorrow, jennifer's plunge, or any of the other efforts, visit our website coming up, it goes against prevailing medical in place. studies show seniors who weigh more live longer. and to help their employees get bigger discounts?
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and dr. amanda burke, from falls road animal hospital will be here t
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one night i said to my husband, come on, we're going to a steakhouse yes, i wear dentures super poligrip seals the denture to your gum and it prevents food from penetrating it was very very comfortable fitting (charlie dullea) super poligrip helps keep out food particles. just a few dabs create a seal that helps keep food particles from getting between dentures and gums to make them more comfortable while you eat. super poligrip lets me be me we've been going to steakhouses ever since (charlie dullea) try super poligrip >> the space shuttle endeavor is good will to make a last night's launch.
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it will be more of an early morning launch but officials say everything is a go. it will make a 13-day flight to the international space station. 2010 will be the last year a space shuttle operations. five missions are planned this year with the last one scheduled for september. a scary moment for passengers when it dealt a connecting flight had to make an american tail landing. it landed in myrtle beach after the pilot reported smoke in the cockpit. it landed safely. two show hosts were on that flight and continued to charleston by car so that they could moderate the south carolina gubernatorial debate. it was a head-on collision with a happy ending. he was rehabilitated after being struck by the girl of a moving car and driver was given the privilege of releasing the young
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hawk back into the wild. luckily, the diver had the presence of mind to drive the hawk to the veterinarian. still to come, one grocery chain planned to offer bigger employee discounts to healthier workers and it is causing controversy. and some exercise enthusiasts seem more like a machine than human. how to exercise and robots are being marketed to the elderly. >> we have a system to the north, but we could be dealing with it over the weekend. right now, the a mixture of sun and clouds. >> and dr. aranda bertran will be here to answer your exo
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>> the grocery chain wholefoods provides -- pride itself on offering natural alternative to consumers. now it has a controversial plan for its employees. it is offering a an additional 10% discount for its employees, but that is only for certain employees to meet certain criteria. employees also have to have been no body mass index. some say it is discriminatory, but the company disagrees. >> health care costs was $150 million last year. this is an idea to lower that cost. it is also a way to incentivize our team members to be healthy. >> most people want to lose weight for better health, but research shows the logic may not true for the elderly. an australian study found those classified as overweight or less likely to die over a 10-year
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period. experts are not recommending older adults try to gain weight, but they recommend and bmi indications for the elderly may need to be reviewed. research from brazil's and just older adults who are mild to moderate drinkers have fewer problems in memory than their peers who drank a lot or not at all. the impact of heavy drinking on cognition was particularly apparent on older women. it looks like something from " the jets and." a robot in japan than to act as an exercise trainer. it led the about 2000 people in a workout. also available is a suit that can double the strength of your lens ended easier for you to walk. >> hope everyone is doing well
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on thursday. some gray clouds, and we are busting -- watching a cold front coming through. a slight chance to see some flurries as the fund makes its final push other than that, a pretty stable date. we just have cold air that is going to put us into the deep freeze. right now we are above normal. 43 at the airport, 41 in parkton. p the colder air is on the move. 43 degrees to 48 degrees for the rest of the afternoon. 70 was the high in 1949. - 3 is the record low, set back in 1978. tonight, part the cloudy skies. it will be colder.
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about 15 degrees different in the outlying areas. we have this frontal system moving crew but we are really monitoring this in the southern plains. that will be our rainmaker in the weekend. it may not make it all the way up to the mid-atlantic, but it may still be to the south. so there is a potential for snow this weekend. temperatures will be in the upper 20's, but we have only a potential for a couple of inches. sun and clouds tomorrow. here is your saturday of luck. white snow from baltimore up to the state line. heavy snow more likely anywhere south of the city through annapolis and into ocean city. that is pretty low pressure will be. any deviation from this will make for a different scenario. this is something that we are closely watching as we head
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closer into the weekend. in the meantime, 20 degrees to nine. a high of 31 on friday. a 40% chance of snow on friday. 27 degrees is the record high, so it will be a pretty cold polar bear plunge. on sunday, 29 with preconditions. on monday, we get back into the mid 30's. >> thank you. dr. miranda bertram is here to answer your pet questions. >> this is momo, and these rabbits can be wonderful pets. some people think they are as fine as a cat. >> can you train them? to them that actually, yes.
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>> first question. we are talking about exotics. >> that is a good question. with any exotic pet, especially with reptiles, do your research. really understand what you are getting and what you're getting into. they can make a wonderful pet. it is sometimes challenging to know what is right. the best advice for that one is to do your research. >> see how much meat that is involved. next question -- >> actually, it is true.
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it is more based, not on six months, but the manufacture recommendations. it is important for them to get the vitamins that they need from that uv spectrum. the uv spectrum burns out before the visible light, so you really need to be changing it as often as the manufacturer recommends. >> next question -- >> that is a tough one. there are a lot of different causes for that. there are a lot of birds that have that problem. the way to deal with it is you start rolling out medical conditions. take him to the veterinarian, they may talk about doing blood work, checking some feathers. make sure there is no medical reason for it.
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and then it will be training in working with your bird, getting some behavior changes the way. it is a challenging thing to do with. >> can it be hurting the bird? >> sometimes. if it is injuring itself, causing some skin damage, then definitely. on the other hand, there are some birds out there that will plug their fathers until they cannot -- feathers since they cannot get it under control. >> if you have a question, e- mail us at or send your question to -- up next, your maryland lottery
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pick 3 and pick4 numbers. pick 3 and pick4 numbers.
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>> coming up today at 2:00, could your unexplained pain the the disease you fear most? and later on "oprah" the tonight show fiasco. tonight she sits down with the day led to hear his side of the story. and tonight, the latest on the shooting outside of the baltimore hospital. the cold weather can be damaging to your skin. we will have some tips to make the winter weather less harsh.
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>> good afternoon, maryland. here is your pick 3. 9. 4. 8. that makes your pick 3 -- 9, 4, 8. here is your pick 4. 9. 7. 2. 7. that makes your pick 4 -- 9, 7,
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2, 7. >> sandra has a look at the weather. >> we might get some rain this weekend, but it is morning baltimore. something we are closely watching. in the meantime, cold air selling in as this front continues to push in. about 20 degrees tomorrow morning at the airport. everyone is tomorrows hawaii. only 27 is the high on saturday with a 40% chance of snow. that is a polar bear plunge for you. still cold on sunday. mostly sunny, but it will feel colder. winter is really maintaining its grip. >> at least it is the weekend. thank you for joining us.
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be sure to watch at 5:00.
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